Precise measurements are crucial, especially when planning a new kitchen or bathroom. If you need help, we can arrange for an experienced professional to show you how to measure Countertops, cabinets, and other things in your home.

How to get help with the measuring service?

Speak to a Prefab Granite Depot in San Diego-store representative for more information.

countertopIt helps to have someone with you while you’re taking the measurements, to hold the measuring tape and write down numbers as you go along. Take note of any obstacles, like electrical, lighting or security boxes, how your closet door opens. Bring this information to the store or have it ready if you plan to purchase online. For some, it helps to see all the options in person, especially because how to measure countertops and cabinets needs utmost precision.

To start figuring out the square foot of a countertop take measurements of the total length of each piece of countertop you want granite on. This measurement should be along the back where the top meets the wall.