How Kitchen Remodeling San Diego works? – Walk in with design ideas—leave with a plan.

We’ll work with your layout and budget to design your home kitchen, provide 3D renderings, and fully installed within 5-7 days. Comprehensive kitchen remodeling San Diego, from brainstorming to full installation! You will be amazed at the transformation that Prefab Granite Depot can do to your kitchen with Kitchen Remodeling San Diego.

Envision your dream kitchen. Do you want all-wood cabinetry? Perhaps a more modern look, tied together with subtle, earth-toned marble flooring? Prefab Granite Depot & Design Center carries all the tools and all the styles to get you all the way to the finish line.

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It’s easy to get caught up in the details, so start by thinking of your broad vision. Sketch out your ideas, along with the dimensions of your space, to bring with you to one of Prefab’s showroom locations.

Need ideas? Check out our interactive design tool. Prefab Granite Depot has relationships with vendors stretching back decades, so we know how to quickly acquire and professionally install the styles you choose. With our network we can do the best kitchen remodeling San Diego for you.

Kitchen Remodeling San Diego – Kitchen Cabinets 

Solid Wood Cabinets

Solid Wood Cabinets


european style cabinets, Kitchen Remodeling San Diego 858-298-3348

European Style

Prefab Granite has hundreds of all-wood selections. Choose from dozens of flat-panel options with gloss varieties in our cabinet collection. Visit our Kitchen Cabinets section.

Cabinet Organizers for Kitchen Remodeling San Diego

Peg Board Drawer Insert with 9 Pegs, Kitchen Cabinet Organizers,

Hardware Resources Drawer Peg Organization System with 9 Push-In Pegs. Create instant storage for organizing all kinds of items with this endlessly changeable pegboard system…

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Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Lid organizer for peg board system. Press in rack that holds up to six lids. Easy press in installation that works with our Peg 9 PEG 12 or PEG 16 peg board systems.

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We install customized cabinet spaces for any task in the kitchen, whether it’s organizing cutlery, showcasing your spice collection, even collecting your garbage. There’s no shortage of organizers you may need, so take a look at our vast inventory.


Calacatta Laza Quartz – Quartz is becoming the go-to engineered countertop, with its nonporous, scratch-resistant, stain-proof surface. Plus, no maintenance is required! Try a warm white for a fresh, modern look with grey, sparkling veining for nuance.

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Our installers take exact measurements and do the cutting on-site or at our fabrication shops to ensure absolute precision. All the customer needs to do is pick their preferred countertop.

Interior Moldings




Prefab Granite Depot breaks free of the standard “builder’s molding” because we aim to enhance the look of every space. We believe the customer has a right to choose from many design options to optimize their space.

Range Hoods

Ensure clean cooking with a seamlessly implemented range hood, whether it’s integrated among the cabinetry, wall-mounted, or elevated above a kitchen island. Choose from our multiple styles, all with smooth edges, perfect welding, and fine texture.

Kitchen Remodeling San Diego


Kitchen Remodeling San Diego


kitchen remodeling San Diego 858-298-3348


kitchen remodeling San Diego 858-298-3348


Complement your kitchen remodel with a novelty backsplash. Not every kitchen has a backsplash, but should you want one—we have dozens of options: glass tile, ceramic tile, metal tile, and more! Our options could also be installed as a bathroom backsplash, shower wall, or accent wall. Peruse our collection.

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When envisioning your dream kitchen, don’t forget to look down! We offer a wide assortment of choices for any room in the house (or commercial building) including porcelain marble , ceramic, and more.

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kitchen remodeling San Diego 858-298-3348
kitchen remodeling San Diego 858-298-3348

Knobs & Handles 

We work with the top manufactures of decorative hardware to get customers the top designs for the lowest prices. Our selection includes foremost brands like Top Knobs, Elements by Hardware resources, and Atlas Homewares. Browse unique selections now.


Budget Range – We offer pricing estimates at your first appointment with us! What takes weeks at a busy superstore takes us 20 minutes.
We can provide multiple estimates for multiple styles to give you the time to weigh your remodel design options. Because we directly import our selection materials, everything is included in the estimate. Plus, you won’t need to spend time hopping around between suppliers and contractors. After decades in operation, we’re proud to have the resources and relationships to guide customers from start to finish—all in-house.

Prefab Granite’s Three Step Remodel Process

  1. Measure: Bring in a quick, hand-drawn diagram of the space, with a few measurements. (Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to look professional!)
  2. Quote: Our designers give you a free quote—for as many colors and cabinets as you like—in less than 20 minutes!
  3. Schedule: Make an in-home design appointment with our talented designer. This way, we can create a personalized 3D rendering of your new kitchen.
  4. Installation: With a plan in place, sit back and allow us to do the rest. Depending on your design, it could take 5-7 days for us to properly install your new kitchen design.