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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does granite chip or scratch?

Granite is a very dense material and under normal conditions it is chip and scratch resistant. However, pots, pans and other heavy objects may chip the square edge around a sink area. Several other edge profiles are available that will look beautiful and reduce the chances of chipping.
Should any damage occur, the chips can be repaired. Chips are repaired with a mixture of epoxy and crushed bits of granite to match the countertop you have.

Does granite stain?

In general, no.All stone is porous to some extent, however granite has very little porosity relative to other stones.Most granite colors will never show moisture but some colors will show a dark spot if a puddle of liquid is left on the counter for a period of 30 minutes of more.The spot will eventually dry up and evidence will show.To be safe, be sure that your granite is sealed properly – either by the fabricator, or after the granite is installed.

How can I limit the staining of granite or marble?

Wipe up spills on marble and granite as quickly as possible.

Avoid using acidic or oil-based products on marble.

Seal your natural stone surface twice per year.

What is the difference between 2cm and 3cm thick granite?

The main difference in 2cm and 3cm thick granite is the weight. 3cm granite weighs 33% more than
At Prefab Granite Depot we use the 2cm granite for a number of reasons:
1. 2cm granite is mounted on 5/8″ plywood which helps to distribute the weight of the countertop, and items placed on it, evenly over your cabinets. This is beneficial for the integrity of your cabinets over time.
2. The plywood substrate reinforces the edge where the sink, cooktop, seams, etcetera are mounted.
For instance, with 3cm granite the sink is normally only mounted on a frame under the slab. However with 2cm granite the sink is mounted between the plywood and the granite, thus reinforcing the bonding materials and evenly distributing the weight across your cabinets. This is especially important with undermount sinks because if you have any issues with the sink over time, the entire slab of granite must be replaced and finding a slab to fit and color to match exactly is near impossible. This is why we use the highest quality sinks and installation methods at Prefab Granite Depot.
3. The plywood substrate makes the countertop more level and, in turn, reinforces the bond at the seams.
4. A 2cm countertop allows for a larger unsupported overhang at 12 inches.
5. A 2cm backsplash allows for more counterspace as opposed to a more bulky 3cm backsplash.

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