Dekton Prefabs

Dekton Prefabs

Crafted in Spain with precision and expertise, these tops redefine quality and style. Measuring 112” x 26”, our Dekton prefabs feature a stunning three-sided, 2” mitered edge, making them ideal for bathroom vanities, bar tops, kitchen workstations, and outdoor barbecue areas. Additionally, we’re excited to introduce island pieces measuring 42″x96″ , providing even more versatility for your projects.

Whether you’re designing indoor spaces or creating outdoor havens with barbecues, bars, and fire pits, our Dekton prefabricated tops promise unmatched durability and elegance. 


Dekton Prefabricated Tops:

  • 112” x 26”

Dekton Island Pieces:

  • 42″ x 96″
  • Three-sided, 2” mitered edge

Dekton Island Pieces

Dekton Bathroom Vanities

High performance and designs for your bathroom.

Dekton countertops offer both beauty and strength. They are specially designed for daily use, where the ease of cleaning and reduced water absorption is key.

Dekton Outdoor Countertops

Fast & reliable service for your project