Do you know how your granite counter top was created and how extensive the process is? Granite, also known as granitoid, is known as the signature rock of the continents as well as the signature rock of the planet Earth itself. Earth is the only known planet to produce such an interesting & beautiful rock type, not to mention in such large quantity. Due to granite being a product of nature, every piece has different variation and is unique and matchless. Before your granite was installed in your kitchen, it was cut out from a mountainside in massive 50,000 pound blocks of stone & then sliced into slabs. After it is cut into the slabs which are much more manageable pieces, it is then refined to bring out the natural colors and create a mirror like depth. So, choosing Granite Versus Man Made Material Oceanside is essential.

Rocks that are solidified from a hot, fluid material are known as “igneous” rocks. The word igneous comes from the Latin language and when translated means fire. Granite is one of the strongest natural stones because its mineral grains have grown tightly together during a very tedious cooling period which is how its’ name was determined. For example, today’s limestone floor was once a mass of tiny sea creatures residing in an ancient seabed. After millions of years of uplift, a mountainside is where the limestone was discovered. Most of the granite that has been excavated is from the Precambrian age, although it has been intruding into the crust throughout all geologic periods.

Granite is assumed to be the oldest rocks on the planet. Geologists have discovered a few different processes as far as the formation of the stone. One of them is  choosing granite versus man-made material Oceanside after a volcanic eruption, which involves the magma or molten rock seeping in between various other rocks in the Earth’s crust. Magma, which is referred to as lava when in the Earths’ interior, is formed when different types of metamorphic rocks are melted. Crystallization tends to occur as the magma cools leading to the formation of granite. Subduction, along with the activity of the tectonic plates, can cause magmas to rise underneath the continents which is termed “under-plating” . Magma releases heat, CO2 and water which helps all types of rocks melt at lower temperatures. What this would result in is a large amount of continental crust becoming granite. On a very large scale, granite is the representation of how the continents maintain themselves. Eventually, the minerals in granite break down into sand or clay and are swept back to the floor of the ocean where plate tectonics assist in sweeping them back underneath the continents to start the entire cycle over.

It is quite impressive to think that all of this happens out in nature without any outside assistance during the formation of the stone. Not to mention, it is the strongest natural stone aside from the diamond and the value that granite brings to your home is considerably higher than any other natural stone or composite material. We know you probably have plenty of questions regarding affordable granite counter tops. Come visit our North County showroom located in Oceanside, CA to meet with one of our representatives for all of your granite slabs in Oceanside needs .

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