Prefab… what exactly does ‘Prefab’ granite mean, and what are the benefits of choosing prefab granite? What are the differences between prefab and custom granite installation? Is there an advantage in doing one or the other? Educating yourself about natural stone is very important before you have any type of stone installed in your home.

Prefab granite is 100% natural stone and comes in the highest quality here at Prefab Granite Depot. Some of the main advantages and the benefits of choosing prefab granite are a very quick installation time, it’s more cost effective for the customer, and the large selection we have to offer will suit everyone’s style. Prefab granite comes precut to fit standard kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well as wider pre-edged pieces to accommodate bar tops, breakfast nooks, islands and peninsulas. Since the pieces come precut and pre-bullnosed, this saves on fabrication cost and time. Another perk of going with prefab is that all counter tops come with a precut 6” backsplash at no extra cost.

Choosing prefab is a quicker and less expensive option, but using custom slabs is always an option if an alternative edging is desired. If the job is large enough and the waste not too excessive, using raw unedged slabs is a choice option if it fits your remodeling budget. With prefab granite, you are getting the same beauty and quality as a custom slab, with a shorter order and installation time and less of an impact on your pocket book. Regardless of whether you choose prefab or custom slabs, Prefab Granite Depot is fully prepared with our company staff of custom fabricators to do a quality installation.

For more information, contact Prefab Granite Depot, the best in San Diego.

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